Know more about us

  • Started in September 2011
  • Focused on Equity Syndication and M & A Advisory
  • Sector Expertise includes:
    • Enterprise Tech
    • Consumer
    • B2B / B2C e-Commerce
    • BFSI
  • Interest areas also include Healthcare & Business Services
  • Love working with first generation entrepreneurs
  • Serve clients across India
  • Relationship based approach
  • Series A and later stage

What we do?

We provide advisory services for equity fund raising from institutional investors (venture capital and private equity funds) as well as for mergers and acquisitions. Some of the key activities undertaken on behalf of the entrepreneurs / management teams

Phase 1 - Preparation

Understanding the business

Research and insights

Presentation and Forecast

Valuation Analysis

Shortlist potential investors

Phase 2 - Investor Reach Out

Reach out to investors

Management meetings

Address investors concerns

Negotiations and Structuring

Term Sheet Execution

Phase 3 - Closure

Cordinate due diligence

Negotiate Final Agreements

Help achieve deal closure




What made us choose "Zanskar" as our name?

All thanks to our founder's visit to Ladakh about a year before starting the company - and also thanks to the Registrar of Companies who rejected the first twelve name options provided by our founder. Option # 13 - has certainly proved to be lucky for us!