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Who is the best-fit VC for my business?

I am often asked this question by entrepreneur friends when they have a choice amongst competing VC funds ready to fund their business, all other commercial terms being more or less equal. Read more here.

Morbid Indian VC Musings?

The last decade has seen a lot of VC investing activity in India. Calendar 2015 particularly stood out with frenzied VC deal making. Read more here.

India's Core Strength: Independent Judiciary, Institutions & Regulators

I vividly remember an evening in a tent at Pangong Lake in Ladakh, when I had gone trekking with 3 other very close buddies more than 5 years back. Read more here.

Shareholders First

Enough said, and yet unclear - that's what's unfolding in the corporate group's holding company's boardroom that is catching everyone's attention in India. Read more here.

Enterprise Software Products - Big Clients, Big Opportunity

Over the past few years, there has been a lot of investment activity in the B2B Technology product space. One can broadly classify B2B Tech into two categories based on the size of the end clients, and the delivery model (on-premise or Cloud). Read more here.